Mirror Stage

Mirror Stage

Unique psychological puzzle game


  • Unique style
  • Constantly challenging
  • Free


  • Very abstract visuals
  • Sometimes difficult to comprehend


If you like games that make you think, check out Mirror Stage. This strange psychological puzzle game constantly asks you to consider how to do something, while giving you strange reasons for doing so! Throughout the game you control a green line, which can move around various planes in a 3D world.

Each level requires you to complete a task, which is cryptically hinted at before you start. The game is split into chapters, each containing episodes. They are usually quite short if you have understood what to do!

This is not an action game, and it takes itself quite seriously, so bear that in mind. The interest in Mirror Stage is about discovering how to play, and how each different chapter works. The text in each chapter is quite different, meaning your green line has many different meanings. If that sounds strange, well it is! The graphics are minimal, and the sound is moody and dark. Mirror stage is very much an experimental game, and feels more like an art installation than a tradition videogame.

Mirror Stage is a thoughtful game that replaces action with intellectual puzzles.

Mirror Stage


Mirror Stage

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